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This book is a romantic drama/riveting love-story about how a simple childhood rivalry between two close friends can lead to murder and chaos years after they’ve grown up. It is a love story with lots of extreme drama, mystery, love, and hatred; with a little something in it for everybody. It is about a man who dumps one of his bed-buddies and falls in love with her girl-friend; then all hell breaks loose. Michael Storm (a rich pro football player) is the hero who falls in love with Karla, a lovely woman (whom he calls his angel) that he can’t seem to protect from all the evil that befalls her. Heather Doyle is the bad-girl side-chick who wants to be Michael’s wife; however, after he dumps her and marries her girlfriend, she goes ballistic and proceeds to make their lives a living hell in ways that you cannot imagine.

Order “Angels Under Siege” from the publisher by clicking on this link or copying it to your Browser: … … … …

This book cost less than a carton of cigarettes and so many other unhealthy things we put in our bodies; however, this book was destined and designed to cause you to love the content of the words therein. Purchase it for its entertainment value; however, you will find that it has much more intrinsic value than you ever thought possible. There is no reason under the sun for you to not purchase and read this book—except the devil himself is keeping you from doing so. Thanks for your support.

Give this book as gift for upcoming holidays. Some portion of sales will go to charity.  This is a good read and you will not be disappointed.  In addition; let me know if you find the book interesting and if you have purchased it, or, if you would or would not purchase it.  If you have purchased and read the book, please leave a short book review below. If not, let me know why you will or will not purchase the book. If you will purchase the book and/or if you would like an autographed copy of the book, please leave your name and  email address, or, a way that you can be contacted in the “Comment” section below.  Thanking you in advance for your time, consideration, and purchase.

NOTE:  Leave click “Like” or leave a “Comment” in the box below.  Or type a quick book review if you have read the book, and, if you haven’t read it, let me know if you will or might purchase the book.   Also, let me know if your want an autograph copy of the book.









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